April 29, 2013

I have always wanted to start a project like this every since my friend, Calvin Keyes took it on many weeks back. My goal in this video-a-day challenge is to produce at least one shot a day and upload a full edit at the end of the week. My intent is to produce anything experimental or creative for my own practice and love for videography, film, or just the art of motion.

My first entry is definitely based on this drastic weather transition that the Midwest just had. The weather went from Winter to Summer in just a few days.

Here is the very first lineup for this new project:

MONDAY // Train yard and Minnehaha Falls
TUESDAY // The harsh winter from the window's point of view with a blinds fade
WEDNESDAY // Winter continued with a creepy ghosting effect
THURSDAY // Orange juice glasses spinning with color-grading experiments
FRIDAY // Ryan frisbee throw in slow motion with tilt-shift
SATURDAY // Stone Arch Bridge excursion
SUNDAY // Mirroring/symmetry experiments with water, candles, and snow/rain drops on car a window

Music by Silversun Pickups and This Will Destroy You