This is (a delayed) week three of a personal project that challenges me to produce at least one shot a day and upload an edit at the end of a week. My intent is to be experimental and creative in my daily documentation, and for my own practice and love for video. Here is the breakdown for this week:

MONDAY // When I grow up, I want to be Ryan
TUESDAY // Graffiti Tags
WEDNESDAY // City title
THURSDAY // Usual shopping
FRIDAY // The crazed Mississippi/the road to the senior show
SATURDAY // St. Anthony Main
SUNDAY // Driving home

Music by Grouplove


A recent photo update of my home and life in the great Minneapolis, MN.


This is a test using wiggle transformations for shape layers in After Effects.


This is week two of a personal project that challenges me to produce at least one shot a day and upload an edit at the end of every week. My intent is to be experimental and creative in my daily documentation, and for my own practice and love for video. Here is the breakdown for this week:

MONDAY // Spinning fan
TUESDAY // Skating the town
WEDNESDAY // Race track to home
THURSDAY // Strange weather returns
FRIDAY // Ryan's 23rd B-day
SATURDAY // Being anxious (mainly for my first paycheck)
SUNDAY // Oceans

Music by Yeasayer


I have always wanted to start a project like this every since my friend, Calvin Keyes took it on many weeks back. My goal in this video-a-day challenge is to produce at least one shot a day and upload a full edit at the end of the week. My intent is to produce anything experimental or creative for my own practice and love for videography, film, or just the art of motion.

My first entry is definitely based on this drastic weather transition that the Midwest just had. The weather went from Winter to Summer in just a few days.

Here is the very first lineup for this new project:

MONDAY // Train yard and Minnehaha Falls
TUESDAY // The harsh winter from the window's point of view with a blinds fade
WEDNESDAY // Winter continued with a creepy ghosting effect
THURSDAY // Orange juice glasses spinning with color-grading experiments
FRIDAY // Ryan frisbee throw in slow motion with tilt-shift
SATURDAY // Stone Arch Bridge excursion
SUNDAY // Mirroring/symmetry experiments with water, candles, and snow/rain drops on car a window

Music by Silversun Pickups and This Will Destroy You


A color/mirroring experiment.


I spent a Spring holiday back in my hometown and decided to document some time at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, WI.  We met all sorts of creatures from sporty otters to creepy snakes.

Recently, I decided to challenge myself by learning some new techniques in illustration. I found a tutorial by Alexandra Zutto that explained techniques for using dynamic gradients in Adobe Illustrator. You can see the tutorial here. The objective was to make an owl and put him in a snowy tundra landscape.  After following the tutorial, I decided to create my own step by compositing photos and textures to the final piece.  This is the final result of my exercise.


My latest project is a lyric animation for Brett Cohen's "Hotter Than Fire".  Brett Cohen gained some fame recently by pranking New York City into thinking that he is a celebrity. Watch his entertaining experiments on Youtube here.


After finishing up school, I used my time to compile all of my favorite moments in the work I have done since the end of 2011. I have learned so much, experimenting with animation and video. I don't think it will ever stop. Check out my brand new demo reel for 2013:


SOAR is a short 3D animated film adapted from the poem "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein. I wanted to tap into a style of my own after reading Silverstein's lyrics. Much of the visuals relate to childhood nostalgia and the younger heart. For me, the message is that even through hard times, youth can soar above it all and prevail. The sidewalk ends in a place where anyone young at heart would like to venture to. This project became my senior project at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. It was a great experience and opportunity to explore poetic possibilities within animation and through my own music and visuals. Please enjoy the videos below including the final project and behind the scenes:


I'm gearing up for presenting my senior project entitled "SOAR". The show is on December 14th. Feel free to visit our preview website for the show that I designed and branded at www.studio176.org


Recently, I led the Photo Club to Minneapolis to check out the Stone Arch Bridge area near Downtown, and it was a ton of fun. We also visited the Mill Museum and Guthrie Theater. Here are some sample shots from the trip:


This video was for the Vimeo Weekend Project: Wetter is Better. After a great day of riding down water slides all day, I felt the urge to get some footage at the wave pool. It was shot at Noah's Ark, Wisconsin Dells on an iPhone. The music is "Mirrored Sea" by Passion Pit.


This film is for the Vimeo Weekend Project: Magic Hour. It was shot at 6 AM on the Culbertson Ranch in Brooklyn, WI. The goal for this project was to get a great video made during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset. Subject matter and creative freedom was ours from there.


As president of UW Stout's Exposed Photo Club, I just finished up the official website for the club. Here, you can see a fair amount of the members' photos and learn what we are all about. Check it out! www.exposedphotoclub.com


I finally got around to making an edit of some past footage shot in Minneapolis last Fall with friends. During this time, I was prepping for my video project, 'Escape'.


This is a video I made for fun with the main purpose to reminisce.


This is my second ad campaign I did for my photography class. The intent was to draw in magazine readers to travel ads with a certain humor to the situation. The demographic is directed towards the business travelers of the world that could be reminded more of the fun involved in business trips.